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Why Edhwi?

Our Secrets of Quality

Pure & Natural

“Currently we’re one of the few brands which produce pure & natural unrefined coconut oil. We buy very fine & matured quality coconuts from the farmers of coastal area. Here farmers and coastal areas both play decisive miles in our strategy to get the best quality coconuts. Freshness is the key to quality.”

Sundried Copra

Coconuts are sun-dried in hygene condition to get the purest drying without using chemicals. After disposing the blemished copras from the spot, we move on to processing the copra or dried kernals. The broken coconuts are laid to sun-dry in the 'Kadappa' yard, in our hygienic plant site, that is perfectly conditioned to preserve the raw materials in their purest state, without using any chemicals.

Unrefined Coconut Oil

Eventually the extraction is completed with the oil being micro filtered. Taking total advantage of sun drying, the positive climate at our site and timely processing to the dot, we do not find the common need for over-stacking and other avoidable practices. This is how the end result becomes smoke, dust and decay free substances that is pure coconut oil.

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